A Baby Sprinkle | What to do for the expecting mama who already has one 

Heard of a baby sprinkle? I hadn’t either until I was doing some research for a baby shower I wanted to throw my long time best friend. She was pregnant with her second child and it was another boy. The kiddos would be less than 3 years apart so I knew she still had all the items from her first, but I wanted her to feel special and that we were excited for baby Ryan to come into the world just the same as we were for her first. Baby showers typically are for first born babies when it’s all brand new and adorable and you really end up with some amazing long term goodies and a few you never use. People often have baby showers if the new baby is of a different sex, or if it has been a while since the last one was born. But why not celebrate the new precious bundle? 

The idea behind a baby sprinkle is that it is just for the essentials a new baby needs that mama to be(again) might not have in stock still. I.e diapers,wipes, and obviously a couple cute new clothes because duh who can resist newborn clothing! 

Since it was meant to be a sprinkle and I know my best friend, I wanted something small, with people she loved, and in a cute, tasty location! After considering doing the party at my own home I realized I could rent a table/room at a local bakery and they would do all the food and desserts! This place was just adorable! And their chicken salad sandwiches were seriously to die for! And of course the rest of their food/ baked goods were delicious as well! 

What sold me was not only the food but the fact I could show up 30 minutes prior set up some balloons and voila! Instant chic baby sprinkle! Everything was already so cutely decorated in the bakery that not much was needed!

I decided I wanted the sprinkle to be a surprise and she never saw it coming! I saved money by doing a Facebook invite because it is instant gratification; updates and such are easier just to post through there! I wrote a small poem with the help of Pinterest 😉 and invited a small group of friends. I was going to extend invites to family but I kind of saw that opening a can of worms for people in extended family to get mad they weren’t invited and such. Moms weren’t invited simply because it didn’t work out that way; we needed her mama to watch her son. It was definitely small and simple but that’s what made it perfect for just a “sprinkle”. 

I didn’t plan any games because once you’ve been to a couple baby showers you certainly have had your share of “cutesey games”; plus most of the invitees had multiple kids so…been there done that! 
For the guest book I bought “are you my mother” and wrote a little something inside for baby Ryan when he’s older and everyone signed the book and wrote something simple for mama and baby. Since it was a surprise I was picking up my best friend and driving her to the shower with her under the assumption of just a girls brunch. While I made sure mama got their on time I had my awesome sister in laws go ahead and make sure everything was ready at the bakery and take my gift, and guest book, along with them. I had another friend pick up balloons and also go ahead and set them up at the table we rented. She also took these amazing pictures of the shower that I’m sharing with you in this post! 

This made for the perfect surprise! We simply ate, chatted, and opened presents. We had plenty of left overs so each person also got to take home some delicious treats which is always a win in my book. Since there were so many dessert options we decided to leave the mini cake and let mama take it home to her first born as a gift from baby Ryan. Low key parties are always the most fun for me and I know my bestie feels the same. 

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