Why Markers are the Devil | Finding the perfect art supplies for toddlers

Markers are the devil. Yeah sure they seem like a good idea, gets the kids coloring and showing their artistic side thus increasing their coordination, identifying colors, grip control, motor skills, and later learning to focus and the initial introduction of boundaries of formal writing techniques (i.e. staying inside the lines), but dear Lord why did no one warn me about them!? If you are a parent of a toddler than you know the struggle, if you are a newer parent or pregnant than I am here to warn you! For the love of God just skip it!

When Audrey first started being interested in “coloring” I would just let her use a pencil, as the obsession grew I couldn’t wait to get her all these art supplies to develop my little artists addiction, I just love how proud kids are when they show you a squiggle line; that is clearly a puppy. I bought regular markers and even the bright colors addition to give to my little princess. Within an hour I regret the power I just placed in her hands. She drew all over her art table, fine I can deal, all over her body, ok an impromptu bath on a non bath day whatever, and then it happened, on my walls! That colorful little princess quickly became my enemy, if I would tell her no she openly defied me, and while the wall drawing was a bit of a fluke she continued coloring on herself and her sister. She then began the loosing of the caps. I swear they just walk off in utter exhaustion of being put on and off 10,000 times a day. Audrey couldn’t hold on to them so I went on a rampage and threw every cap away. It also didn’t help that my youngest would find said caps and shove them in her mouth, so of course that was a larger part of the great cap shortage of 2016. So obviously that dried the markers out and I would just start the hellish process over again with a brand new batch. Finally, I resorted to markers that only transfer on paper. GENUIS! While I do enjoy these and Audrey seems to love the magic they hold, the transfer paper/coloring books can get expensive, especially with my child who draws a single line on a page and says done and wants a new one. The caps were still an issue and Zoey moved on from eating the lids to sucking on the marker itself. I get they are non-toxic but it still makes me uncomfortable at her age.


What I found that works are colored pencils, she loves crayons as well but they break easier and I tend to find pieces all over my upstairs carpet. So, if you’re in the market for some toddler friendly art supplies, I would vote for colored pencils or even a good set of crayons when it comes to the arts with your kids. But maybe I’m just neurotic and you are very into letting your kids get messy and mess your house “making memories” and what not. I, however, am at the opposite end with my annoyance level at a new high with all these art messes.


While this blog post serves most as an area for me to vent about trivial art debacles my child puts me through, I am serious on the products I recommend, so if you are like me, do actually see the underlying message that colored pencils are the real MVP. In all seriousness if your kiddo just really likes the look and feel of a marker do go for the non-transfer option, the extra cost will save you from extra headaches in the end. I also found this non-transfer stamp machine that Audrey absolutely adores.

Now that I’ve tackled that issue, I am awaiting what other torture devices adults have made to punish people for procreating. Only time will tell, as will I in my future blog posts. Comment below with a heads-up of anything you absolutely hate, made for kids.









*I am an Amazon affiliate. This means that any link above that you purchase from I do receive a small commission from. I was not paid or sponsored by any company’s to write this blog and I stand my my opinions. My opinions are personal opinions and what I have noticed from my own use or my children’s experiences with them.

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