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Something I don’t discuss much here on the blog is depression and motherhood. It’s such an important topic that I think many people fear will have them looked at differently, and to be quite honest, people might. It took me dealing with a spout of depression and anxiety taking over the past couple weeks, for me to finally find the courage that I need to use my blog to speak about this important topic that many mothers actually endure. And therefore I am starting a series of motherhood with depression/anxiety. It won’t be every week but it will be a common thread here; “My truth Tuesday”….
Today, I want to discuss the baby blues. This is sometimes the first case of dealing with any type of mental illness for some mothers. It can certainly be scary but knowing the signs and hearing other people’s stories will help you be prepared or maybe help you not feel alone if you’re already suffering from it. I want to state, that I am not a doctor, and although I do have background in mental health schooling, I am not a licensed mental health professional. I am discussing my own journey through this, what I felt during my experience, and what worked for me. For professional advice please seek a medical physician or a counselor.  
I don’t really recall my emotions after having my first, it was a weird situation because she was in the NICU for the first week of her life, I honestly don’t think I had time to think about the sadness I was feeling, I obviously didn’t suffer from postpartum with her because that can overcome you and now knowing what it is like I don’t believe I had anything after Audrey. When I had my second, Zoey, I would just cry randomly for the first couple weeks. Your hormones are all over the place after baby, they are trying to adjust back to normal now that you are no longer pregnant, and it does take them a while to adjust. But this was different. I certainly felt overwhelmed with a new toddler and now a newborn but I couldn’t grasp that it would all get better, that id figure it out. I just wanted to sleep and I wasn’t present mentally the first couple weeks, not only with my kids but everyone. Luckily I had help the first few weeks so I knew I had backup. It makes me so sad to think about but I just didn’t form a connection with my new baby. It wasn’t instantaneous with Audrey either, but this was different because the accompanying emotions. I just wasn’t myself. And the more I wasn’t myself the more awful I would feel. I felt like I was failing only two weeks in. I remember being so incredibly tired and knowing that I should be sleeping while the baby was but I just couldn’t sleep, my insomnia was at an all time high. I just felt all over the place. Since it was my second child I was harder on myself and thinking I needed to snap out of it because I knew how to handle this…

This was what is known as “Baby blues”. It is a common occurrence for mothers during the first two weeks(approximately 70-80% of woman experience this, according to All the symptoms I had were in occurrence with the baby blues. Even the symptoms lifting after two weeks. Sometime right after my youngest turned two weeks I felt a little more myself and began waking up from what felt like a fog and through time I got the hang of everything. I thought I was in the clear for postpartum depression because it was several months after and I felt relatively normal, I was wrong, however that is a story for next time. 

I wanted to leave y’all with some tips if you do find yourself in a similar situation…

Most importantly to me is asking for help. Make sure you have someone that you can rely on that can help with dinner, laundry, and even holding your precious newborn for a little while. Which brings me to suggestion two..sleep. If you have help, make sure you sleep while they take baby(obviously with someone you trust) don’t feel obligated to entertain, be vocal about needing to lay down for an hour. And if you don’t have help make sure to sleep when baby sleeps, which as I stated earlier can be difficult if you have the baby blues and insomnia is overpowering you but do your best to at least relax and clear your head. Remember you don’t always have to be moving, you can sit, stare at your little one, sleep, and breathe, the laundry will wait, your health can not. Make sure to step outside, getting fresh air is good for you and for baby. And be sure to talk to someone. If you’re in the midst of it, you might feel scared but talking to someone can help, reading about it can help. Making sure you’re in touch with your emotions and what is going on in your body will ultimately begin a “healing” process for you. 

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