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I have never been crazy over a foundation but I know tons of people rave about so many! I have made my small mission of 2017 to find my perfect foundation. I decided to start with a widely raved about L’OREAL Infallible Pro-Glow. A lot of people love the matte version but I am not crazy about a matte look on myself. I have combination skin that tends to get more oily in my T-zone area during the hotter months…so about 10 months out of the year here in my home of Texas. I love to look “glowy” or dewy but not in a gross sweaty way so I, while excited, I was still very cautious of this foundation. Everyone has their own opinions on whether a matte look is best or a dewy one but in for my personal use I am pro-glow (see what I did there? 😉 )

Before foundation for comparison
After pro-glow. I did apply translucent powder to my T-zone because that is my oily area

The back says to apply by “dotting and rolling on to the skin”. I first applied it with my IT cosmetics Kabuki brush and I loved the way it applied and looked. It has a more watery look to it than a normal foundation; that is probably why it said its only medium coverage. However, because it goes on so smooth and sheer it is incredibly buildable. I liked that it didn’t look like I was wearing foundation but still hid all my imperfections (Now, I am very blessed and don’t typically have problematic skin, but I do get the occasional cluster of pimples on my chin—it covered them fine, especially after spot treatments with my concealer) I purchased shade 205 after looking online I took a guess at my true match. I did find it to be a little dark for me but I am “Paler” than usual because of the cold months—I believe it’ll be perfect for my summer tone. There are only 12 shades available but doing some mixing of shades may get you your perfect coloring, it’s a tad annoying that their isn’t more ready to purchase options but it is certainly do-able. The formula does have a SPF of 15 which is a nice but that does typically mean that flash photography wont mix very well so keep that in mind!

After completed make-up (Besides lipstick which I remembered later in the day!)


It does say it is a 24-hour coverage, so of course I had to put this to the test (a reasonable test—no where near a full 24 hours!) My long wear foundation test always involves two types of testing, which I know a great deal of you will scream at your screens while reading – I wear the foundation during a nap and I will work out in a foundation (commence screaming); I know how bad it is to work out with makeup on but since my skin is usually well behaved, I don’t mind it suffering a few casualties to get an accurate test on my make-up. During my workout I obviously sweat and I tried to avoid wiping my face and just dabbed it but there were a few occasions I forgot so I figured it would just test it better! Overall the workout test was a success. The foundation held up pretty well during both opposing activities. I was very impressed! As for the look of the formula and its glow power—I loved it! I liked that it gave my face a little something extra and looked more “natural” (if you will) giving a more radiant appearance to my usually blah face. I just felt like my skin looked healthier over all.It went on seamlessly and lasted incredibly on normal wear days. I did powder the T-zone of my face because of how oily that area tends to get, and I made sure to keep blotting sheets on hand but as for the rest of my face it truly stayed hydrating and radiant looking.

Mom-Bun in full effect! After half a day of wear time

I should also mention I tried to apply this with a beauty blender—I really did not like the way it went on and I just felt like it was harder to get even; I don’t usually apply my foundation with beauty blenders though, I just prefer a brush but this particular foundation came off worse than the norm with the blender for me, most likely because of how watery the foundation is, and the blender soaking up the foundation.

I obviously can not tell you how this works with other skin types, just what I have heard, which is that oily skin and this foundation is not a great combination for apparent reasons of looking more greasy. I would definitely give it a go if you are dry to normal skin and want to look radiant with very little effort! I am loving this foundation for the cooler months but will probably put it away for the hotter summer months as my skin does not play nice during that time. I have also heard combining both the L’OREAL Pro-Glow and L’OREAL Pro-Matte gives the perfect combination! I am very curious to try this out and I’ll be sure to get back to y’all when I do. You can find the Pro-glow option at any drugstore, and Ulta, but I have found it a tad bit cheaper on Amazon!  Either way you can’t really beat the price in the $12 range, a great bargain for radiant skin in a bottle! Let me know some of your favorite foundations in the comments section so I can be sure to check some of them out over the next few months.


**I am an Amazon affiliate. This post does contain affiliate links, which means I do receive a small payment if you purchase off one of my links. This however does not increase the amount you pay. I stand by the products I link and I did not receive payment to write this review.**

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