It has been a BEAUTIFUL year | Best in beauty 2016 | Top makeup products of the year 

With only hours left of 2016 I thought about how important it’s to look back at all the beauty of this last year! Beauty products in particular for this post 😉 I wanted to give you some recommendations for the best beauty products for the entire year of 2016! Most of these items are ones I have tried and tested over a few months and stand by. Some are not specific to 2016 but it is new to me! Some of these I have mentioned before, or had an entire blog dedicated to and some I haven’t written about yet because I was waiting to make sure I LOVED them! And jury is finally in! It’s here the best products of 2016 for us gorgeous mamas!

(I’m going in order of how I apply my makeup! I don’t have a new item for every makeup product I really apply but I have most!)

Eyeshadow- Morphes 350M palette brought a new experience to the adored 350 palette! 350M has every color of the amazing Morphe350 palette but all in matte colors! I love this because I am not much of a shimmery eyeshadow girl, it has to be a special occasion for me to embrace shimmer for sure! So this provided me all the options of the beautiful 350 colors but all in matte options I will actually use on a daily basis!

Tarte shape tape concealer is by far the best new item of 2016! This concealer was so hyped that I was sure it wouldn’t live up to expectation but it all was incredibly true! It has taken place of any concealer I have used before. I had to stalk this concealer online, the tarte sight itself and every Ulta store I could find! It took me a few months to get my hands on one and I couldn’t decide on my shade so I chose two different ones when I did get the opportunity to buy it. I have used each color separately and mixed the two and either way I do it my under eyes look amazing! The highlight it gives is fantastic and the coverage is supplies is shocking! You could seriously hide 2 weeks of no sleep with this concealer! Don’t walk, RUN! And get this item!!

Foundation- I don’t have a new foundation to rave about but I do have BECCA’s  ‘shimmering skin perfector’ in ‘Champagne Pop.’ I mix this with my normal foundation or BB cream for an extra oomph to my face. It leaves a nice glow/highlight and just gives your skin a healthy dewy look. I do save this bad boy for summer and warm months because i prefer a matter look during colder months. This product gives balance to your dry skin for a smooth glowy look!

Eyebrow pencil-benefit goof proof hands down is the years winner for brows! benefit came out with an entire line of brow products early this past summer and they all serve a specific purpose from highlighting those perfect brows, to getting an awesome arch with minimal effort! My favorite is the goof proof pencil! Literally, it’s goof proof! I have never had a brow pencil take so little effort and make such amazing brows come to life! When originally deciding if I was going to try this product out or get a beloved Anastasia of Beverly Hills product a worker at Ulta let me know that while ABH is amazing and was her personal number 1 for a long time she now preferred Benefits goof proof pencil because while the price point is similar the goof proof pencil doesn’t crumble and break like ABH, meaning you get more out of it and aren’t haven’t to buy a new pencil every month! I have found this to be true as well! I have had my benefit pencil for going on three months and it has yet to crumble and I still have so much product! The thing is with this item you need such a light hand that you barely use a good amount of product so it lasts you!

Highlight- ‘Prosecco pop’ by Jaclyn hill and Becca cosmetics. It was part of a collaboration to extend, if you will, the champagne pop collaboration! While ‘champagne pop’ is more “bronzee” in glow, Prosecco Pop has more a silver topper to it. My favorite highlight of all time is of course J.Hill X Becca champagne pop but ‘Prosecco pop’ is a very good contender!

Mascara- this one is so hard for me! I have the most difficult time with mascara because my lashes are stubby and super straight. Even after I curl them mascara tends not to hold the curl and it’s frustrating in a completely first world problems kind of way. I have lived and breathed by benefits better than sex but occasionally found it flakey so I was on the hunt this year for a new option, I tried L’Oréal voluminous and it keeps a curl! But I didn’t find it lengthening my lashes or volumizing them as much as benefits did! I also tried Covergirl ‘The Super Sizer’ and this was awesome for volumizing lashes! But the curl sadly wouldn’t keep! I found myself combining the two with a first initial coat of L’Oréal and then Covergirl The Super Sizer to finish it off. But who wants to have to spend that much time on lashes? I’ve since gone back to my better than sex mascara but still play around with the others depending on my mood and activities for the day!

While on lashes…This year I finally broke it to myself that my stubby lashes would not do for big occasions and I would need to start using falsies to give my face the completed look I was wanting. I fell in love with KOKO lashes “Queen B’s” they are so wispy and give amazing length but don’t look too over the top! They have become my tried and true!

2016 was the year of liquid lipsticks! I become addicted to finding the perfect formula and colors! For this post I was torn and while I am going to mention two, I stand by one. Kylie cosmetics took off full force this year and amazed us all in the end. Her liquid lipstick formula ended up being amazing and when paired with the lip pencil the hold up of them is incredible! The colors she came out with were also amazing, and if you were able to get your hands on some you weren’t ever disappointed. Although Kylie did it big, the show stopper of lipstick this year was Smashbox ‘Always on’ lipstick, which I have a whole  blog post dedicated to the lasting power on this is matte lipstick is amazing. I hardly ever pair it with a lip pencil and it still stays on for at least 8 hours plus! Adding a gloss to it certainly adds more hours but it’s so not necessary with this amazing product!

I do have to mention my every year go to lip gloss, buxom! My favorite is ‘White Russian’ but you can’t really go wrong with any color! The minty cool feeling it leaves on your lips is especially nice during the hotter months and the gloss stays on for hours to give you a perfect shiny pout! Perfect for kissable looking lips this New Years Eve 😉
2016 was definitely a year of amazing makeup and some new trials and errors for me! But I found some awesome products that I would insist you go out and buy if you’re looking to revamp your collection! I can not wait to see what beauty products will wow me in 2017! But when I do I’ll be sure to post some blogs to share what I find!

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