SOS I need help organizing my kids playroom| Playroom Organization| Guest post by Catherine Calmes of Sensibly Organized Spaces

*Mommy Gorgeous Note: I’m excited to have today’s post written by Catherine Calmes of Sensibly Organized Spaces. She is sharing with us How to Get Your Playroom Organized!*


Oftentimes we allow a space in our home to just stay a mess because we feel defeated and that even if we pick it up, it is just going to be back to how it is now five minutes after picking it up. Well, here are some tips to help keep your playroom from being one of these spaces!

Here is the process to go through in each space that needs to be organized:

1) Plan – Make a plan of what you want the space to look like when you are done with it. This helps you figure out as you are organizing the space what is going to need to stay and what will be gotten rid of or moved to be stored in a different space.

2) Empty – Completely empty the space you are organizing. Its best to start with a fresh empty space so you can decide what needs to go where (also now is a great time to dust, vacuum, etc.)

3) Sort – As you empty the space sort your items into the piles of Trash/Shred, Recycle, Donate, Sell, File, Move (what is being moved to another space), and Keep (what will remain in the space when you are done)

4) Shop – Now once you have an idea of what is actually going to remain in the space you can shop for containers, shelves, etc. that you would need based on the number of items and their size that will be being kept in the space.

5) Reassemble – Put the space back together now with only what needs to be in that space!

When you are organizing a playroom you need to keep in mind who will be using the space. So, as you hang things or put things away remember to get down and see the space from the little one’s level!

Any product that is functional and has storage is a great product for in a playroom. Cubbies are really popular right now. It is great that you can make the room have your own style based on what bins you want to keep in each cubby. Labels should be created for each bin with either the word or picture (or both) of what will belong in each bin. This makes it easier (and faster) for anyone picking up the space (even the kiddos!) to know where the homes are for everything that they own.

If you are constantly losing the pieces to puzzles, get a plastic zip top storage bag and put a picture of the completed puzzle inside along with the pieces so that everything is together.

If you have a space for an art station then consider creating a space on the walls where you can hang the art pieces created. This space can be as simple as clothespins on the wall making it easy to change out the art.

One final suggestion is have a reading corner. Make it comfy with some pillows and make sure it is in a well-lit area where the little ones can learn to really enjoy their books.

Remember, organizing your space so that similar things are ‘living’ together and everything has a ‘home’ should help keep the things in your space from ever overwhelming you again.


About Catherine: Catherine is a Professional Organizer who helps busy women conquer the clutter in their homes through either hands-on or virtual organizing. She also writes a weekly blog over at where she gives tips on how to organize different areas of your home. You can find Catherine on Instagram and Facebook.

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