Taming the Beast | Eyebrow maintenance | Threading vs Waxing 

As you may be able to tell, I’m on a brows kick! So let’s continue this with a discussion about the pros and cons of threading vs. waxing. We’ll finish this area up next Friday with my all time favorite brow product! I’m sure many of you are big on eyebrow maintenance, sometimes it’s just the reality of being a female. I, for one, am very “Chewbacca” when it comes to my eyebrows! They are bushy, dark, and grow in like weeds on crack. I’ve had to deal with this unpleasantness since a young age. Embarrassing story, I used to have a furry forehead as well, ugh so traumatic for a young girl! So, my mom let me get my first wax done at 11, she is a saint! Luckily after that initial wax I never had that animal like forehead again. Unfortunately, my singular brow and bushiness stayed, regularly occurring every few weeks. It was then I learned how hard it is being a girl. I had to get my eyebrows waxed every 6-8 weeks and eventually I started getting my lip waxed just because, since I might as well inflict all the pain at a single session. 

Threading was never a popular thing when I was a teenager, although it has been around forever, originating in Asia (fun fact!). It got more popular over the years and eventually made its way to the states, more popular in states like New York and California. The first time I got my brows threaded was actually for my rehearsal dinner! So scary thinking back, what if the threader messed up and I ended up with an eyebrow split like Vanilla Ice?! Yes, the timing was bad, but as fate would have it the cards were in my favor that day, and they turned out fantastic! The lady I had was amazing and honestly I barely felt anything! Since then my threading lady has moved and I began going to a new place. While they do a fabulous job, I do feel a difference in the pain level. Maybe I just had high adrenaline the first time and didn’t feel anything or maybe she was a magical threader sent from God!

Until I found my new threader a year ago, I went back to waxing and realized it just wasn’t for me. Instead of ranting, I’ll just let you know my experience with threading vs. waxing as a personal experimenter, furry beast, and lover of great brows. 
Threading, unless you find your own magical threader, is painful! Yes, waxing is painful too but at least it’s over in a matter of a minute or two with a quick pull. Threading takes a good 8-10 minutes just for brows. When it comes to threading your lip, it hurts so bad! The pain is like twice that of waxing. I suppose because your lip area is more sensitive? I’m not sure but be warned! This is about brows and lip so I won’t comment on threading other areas! Though I don’t think that is a thing (yet!) can you imagine having your “you know where” threaded?…Never! Lol!

Threading does seem to last longer. My eyebrows grow incredibly fast but by threading vs. waxing my brows stay more shapely and less hairy for at least an extra week if not more when threaded. Price wise threading and waxing are about the same, but with the added extra time they stay maintained threading is better on the pocket book. 

Waxing is literally pulling your skin! Which means it’s discoloring your skin in the areas the wax is being placed, therefore hair being pulled. So, after years of waxing I do have some discoloration between where I got my brows waxed and the rest of my forehead. Nothing makeup can’t cover but it’s still something I am self conscious about. 

So while I lean more towards threading, you may find more positives in waxing depending on your pain tolerance and your threading person. Whichever is your choice, take pride in your brows! Remember they frame that Gorgeous face of yours! 

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