Being a mom can very brutal on your sanity, and your self-esteem, it’s exhausting, enraging, and at times questionable. Since motherhood is so serious a good portion of the time I decided to do something to lighten up the mood with my fellow mama’s out there! I thought it would be fun to get a good look into the reality of a mom, mom-fession style.  These are some confessions of my own as well as some lovely participants I had from my Instagram post and a couple from two lovely Alamo City Moms Bloggers! Be sure to check them, and the whole moms blogger crew! If you’re not following me on Instagram  be sure to do so at @mommygorg , because I have some more fun things coming along, as well as a giveaway coming the Christmas holiday! So lets get down to the nitty gritty of what mommyhood really is, grab yourself a nice glass of wine and your kids candy, and leave the judgement at the door……..


  • I’ve given my toddler a cookie for breakfast
  • I bought a toy for my daughter just to get her to leave a store
  • I often haven’t read to my kids daily 
  • I have let me toddler watch TV for 2 hours straight 
  • I’ve put my kids to bed past 11 pm 
  • I have hid behind a door to eat a cookie in peace
  • My kids survived off Candy all day November 1
  • I’ve pretended to not hear the monitor so my husband will get up with the baby 
  • I’ve stayed up way late just to get some peace and quiet and alone time
  • I’ve let me daughter put lipstick all over her face while “playing makeup” and let her walk around like that for hours
  • I’ve lied and told my kids the TV is broken so we can turn it off
  • I’ve lied and told my daughter Peppa is sleeping so we can watch anything else but that damn pig 
  • I’ve told my toddler that a fruit snack is candy so she’d want it more 
  • I’ve let my kids sleep in later than they should
  • I drink a few glasses of wine after a stressful day with the kids
  • I’ve watched my toddler spill water on the floor and just rolled my eyes and walked away in hopes my husband would find it first
  • I have more than one cup of coffee a day to keep me from going crazy on my kids
  • My kids eat food off the floor, regularly.
  • I trick my toddler to do things
  • I bribe my toddler to do things on her cranky days
  • I’ve thrown away a lot of Halloween candy just to get it out of the house faster
  • I have laughed at my toddler when she has tripped
  • “I’ve thrown away an annoying toy so I didn’t have to hear it again”-Anonymous
  • “My Kid eats dirt. A lot. And I drink way too much Diet Coke to help keep me sane.”- Julie Bounds -@julie_bounds on Twitter and Instagram (Add her! She is great!)
  • “I dread school performances. My son is shy so he does not do much more than stand there. The whole time I have anxiety that he is going to run off the stage but I would be a horrible mom if we didn’t go.” -Allyson (If only we were allowed to skip these activities! Damn the need to be good moms!)
  • “I HATE kids birthdays! I only “celebrate” a few and they might be as simple as ordering pizza and buying a cake. The idea of kids running around and making more mess than I already have is so NOT appealing to me!” – Ruth @rdamaris on Instagram(Yessss! This mama and cupcake lover knows her social media! Check her out her website)
  • “I let my kids skip brushing their teeth on vacations” – Elizabeth from ACMB (This mom of two has a pretty hilarious and true view points on motherhood!) 
  • “The other day I picked up a donut and so I wouldn’t have to share I told my kid that the donut was for a student at school.” – Christy from ACMB (This lovely mama of three has great tips for raising little ones!)

In laughing through all of these and really relating to those posted by other moms, I came around to realizing it’s important to laugh regularly, especially with your children. This will teach them to be happy and not take life too seriously, because after all, the biggest lesson I have learned is that the joke is actually on those that take life to serious! Keep on doing what it takes to survive mama’s, it isn’t easy, but these are memories in the making, and also with any luck they will have payback with their own kids!







** I’d love to see some more mom-fessions! Leave them in the comments and I may do a mom-fessions part 2 at a later date and feature you!**

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I'm a lifestyle blogger and mommy of two Gorgeous baby girls! I am currently in the process of re-branding! What was formerly has blossomed into mommygorgeous my wish is to encourage other mom's to know how gorgeous you in fact are! You don't need the make-up, fashion, or fitness to be gorgeous! I write about and review these topics for fun, and to help other moms save some time. Despite the dirty snot, diapers, and chaos surrounding your mommy life is GORGEOUS. So, whether you are hoping to get pregnant, 9 months pregnant, currently in labor, surrounded in current toddler chaos, or an empty nester, know that you're "Mommy Gorgeous" all the time.

9 thoughts on “MOM-fessions

  1. I’m new to this parenthood thing… a mere 3 months deep. But I’ve certainly acted as though I didn’t hear the baby poop in the middle of the night so that my husband would get up and take care of it.

    Of course, I would have if I HAD to, but no harm in letting daddy do the grunt work 😉


  2. To think I was the only mommy who did such things LOL. Great post, I really enjoyed reading it. I must admit everything that you have listed I’ve done plenty of times.


  3. This totally made my Friday morning. Wonderful. And, yes, I recognize many (most) of them. The one thing I don’t do is probably to allow the kids to skip brushing the teeth. On the other hand, I pretend to not see that the cats’ litter box needs attention…


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