Sephora Play date | subscription box review 

A few weeks ago I did a review post on RocksBox, a monthly subscription box all about jewelry. It’s fabulous! This month, I’m talking all about a makeup/skin/hair care box subscription. It’s pretty well known and just as fabulous! Play by Sephora, is a $10 a month subscription with awesome sized sample products and the shipping is free!



The box includes deluxe sample products every month plus a fragrance bonus with a collectible bag from Sephora.


I especially like that each box comes with a fragrance. I always have a difficult time selecting a fragrance online because obviously I can’t smell it and descriptions don’t do much for me. Sample sizes of perfumes allow me to smell the product without committing to it and I also get a chance to test it out for a while to see if it suits me so I don’t waste an entire bottle of perfume, or my money!


Play has included top of the line products such as Kat Von D, Smashbox, and Too Faced.



The October box had the cool cut theme with a lipstick and chill bag! Adorable!


Each box comes with a product sheet with a description of every product included, the ingredients, the benefits, as well as a guide on how to use it.


I think it’s an amazing deal to get nice sized products for just $10 a month! I spend twice as much as that on a single item that I often end up hating or that I’m just not over the moon about. I love getting a chance to preview new items at Sephora or things I might not have heard of yet and seeing if I want to go out and spend the money on a full size product. I’m not one to return products even if the store allows so this keeps me from wasting money!



What most people don’t know or don’t take advantage of is that every box includes a Play Pass for a one-on-one tutorials and a monthly Play! Dates for subscriber meet ups in your local Sephora! You may also redeem your Play Pass for 50 bonus beauty insider points with any in store purchase during that particular visit.



Sounds great, right? There’s just one downside! There are limited quantities and there’s often a waiting list to become a Play member! I know…huge bummer! But do go to their website and put your email down to be informed when a spot opens!


Every month new subscribers are added so the wait shouldn’t be too long!


To receive the current month’s box you must have been subscribed as of the last day of the previous month.


November’s box hint is: best in glow! I can only imagine the beauty this box will hold! I am so excited!


So run, don’t walk, to sign up to get informed when your spot opens! Unfortunately, these boxes can’t be purchased as gifts, only for yourself and one address per customer! So treat yourself this holiday season with a subscription to stay gorgeous and Play!

Featured photo is credited to @thisbrunetteblogs on Instagram 

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