What you’re missing in your beauty routine | Night Time Skin Care

It’s that moment when you’re all comfortable in bed relaxing and your eyes are slowly closing and you’re off to a wondrous snooze and it hits you! “Crap, I forgot to clean my face!” It is also in that moment that you decide NOT to flee out of bed to get to your nightly skin care ritual but instead let out an exasperated sigh and roll over and fall asleep. Anyone else who’s guilty of this? Even though we all know how important skin care is it’s still one of the most widely ignored steps in any beauty routine.

Want to prevent wrinkles? Want to get rid of dark spots? Acne? Illuminate the skin? Then it’s important to follow a skin care routine. Mine is a bit lengthy but everything serves a purpose so remember this as we go along!

After I am certain my face is clean, I apply * Juice Beauty: Stem Cellular Cleaning Oil


This oil says it also dissolves makeup but I haven’t tried it for that purpose. What I do know is that it leaves a glow, softens, and just leaves an ultimate clean feeling to your face.

Next I apply the * Murad Skin Smoothing Polish


If I were only going to recommend one thing from this list, it would be the Murad Face Polish! Get it! Go! Run! Or just order it online and have it delivered to you! However you get it, make sure and grab it! I use this 3-4 times a week. Just twice on weeks that I am not applying much makeup or sweating a bunch or just lazy. It’s an awesome exfoliator. It doesn’t strip the skin of its moisture. It clears your face of blackheads, shrinks pores, and cleans it (hence the name, Polish). It simply leaves your face looking and feeling softer. It also has a nice clean smell to it, which is exactly what you would want from a face wash. I’ll typically apply this and then shower and rinse it off in the shower and then when I get out I continue with my skin care process.

After my shower I use * Murad Complete Reform With Glyco Firming Complex

Use about half of this amount to cover your entire face and neck and smooth it into the skin

and my face literally glows afterwards! It feels so refreshing and cooling especially when combined with the face polish! Make sure not to put it under your eyes because it burns probably because of the thin layer of skin under the eyes. This product is amazing for oily skin. It also helps with black heads and clogged pores. This will help your skin remain young and even help bring your skin back to its youthful look and keeps away wrinkles and fine lines, and ultimately helps your skin regenerate faster.

Do NOT apply this over any skin with open cuts. This is good advice for any face product or serum. I made this mistake and it burned so bad! I wanted to be sure to mention it for any other half asleep skin care applying mamas! Fair warning, this product is a bit pricey but so worth it and you can get it about $30 cheaper on Amazon!

Something new I have added to my routine is the * Murad: Rapid Age Spot Reform


After battling a pimple, I get ugly dark spots on my face where the pimple was and it takes months (not exaggerating) for the beast to go away. I decided I needed something to speed the process along and have heard amazing things about this serum but since I just began using it a couple weeks ago I can’t give it a full review just yet. Be sure to come back at a later date for one. What I have figured out so far is that it doesn’t hurt under my eyes but is slightly sticky. It also smells medicinal. Not bad, but definitely not an awesome scent I want on my face. I’ll see if it lives up to the hype and then maybe I can look past the scent.

The next step in my routine should be my under eye cream but I have been seriously slacking on this! I haven’t found a great one yet but its so important because your under eyes have a very thin layer of skin and age the quickest. Take good care of your under eyes. I’m making it a point to buy some this week to better my routine and review it all for y’all! Let me know in the comments about any tips!

An incredibly important part to any skin care routine is making sure you’re keeping your face moisturized! I have yet to find the perfect moisturizer but it’s because I feel like they’re all the same. As of right now I am using the Younique’s Daily Moisturizer. It’s so important to moisturize so your skin stays hydrated and healthy. Let me know if you have any amazing moisturizers you’ve tried.


Do remember that all these are important but there are great dupes out there for these high end products. Just make sure to try things out and see what works best for your skin type!









**Identify any amazon affiliated links. Buy purchasing off one of these links I do collect a small percentage but it does not cost you any extra money to use one of these links. Everything I have listed is and stated is true and my own individual opinions about these products. I was no paid or sponsored to write this blog post.

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