Fall in love with this Pumpkin patch


During the Halloween season it can be challenging to find activities for your toddler or infant. If your kids are anything like my toddler, they want everything to be Halloween-related in some way. Every time we go to HEB, our local grocery store, she demands to go down the Halloween aisle first so she can see all the different types of decorations, never mind that she has seen them all countless times before that! One of the most awesome ways to incorporate Halloween and Fall into an activity is by going to a local pumpkin patch. I’ve been to a few here in the San Antonio area but have found my favorite at the “Bracken UMC Pumpkin Patch” which is set up outside a church. My favorite part was all of the photo ready displays! I counted 5 ready-made photo spots (but there are so many picturesque spots that you can make your own) on the grounds, from a tractor, to a huge hay bale, to a painted board with cut outs for faces. Getting children to stay still much less smile for these opportune pictures is an adventure in itself but if you manage to snag one it would be the perfect backdrop!


My husband’s favorite part of the pumpkin patch was the free entry! So even if you don’t end up buying pumpkins for carving you will still have plenty of photo opportunities, fun, and hay rides all for free! Audrey’s favorite part was all the pumpkins. UMC has approximately 10 THOUSAND pumpkins on site!



The pumpkins vary in sizes and shapes so we decided to go for a “mommy, daddy, and two baby pumpkins (although the babies didn’t end up so baby in size in the end!)” With my toddler’s help we picked some awesome pumpkins as well as a weirdly shaped scratched one, but it’s all in fun and I love that we let Audrey pick her own. The pumpkins vary in price, but start as low as 50 cents! We paid about $40 for 2 large pumpkins and 2 lesser size but still pretty large pumpkins so let’s just go ahead and say 4 large pumpkins.




Zoey’s favorite part was the wagon! The pumpkin patch provides a wagon for you to take around and collect your pumpkins or children in our case! The hay ride was a lot of fun and Audrey really loved it because it went pretty fast around the site, so fair warning for those with babies (Zoey didn’t like all the bumps). I wouldn’t recommend this for babies under a year or kids that may get motion sickness.





We went on a Sunday about 6 pm just before closing (they close at sundown, so approximately 7 pm I’d say) so it wasn’t that crowded and parking was easy. I have heard that Saturdays can be packed and parking may get crazy so do plan it out in advance. All in all it was great fun had by the whole family and you can’t beat that!




The Bracken Pumpkin Patch also helps schools and children’s groups organize entertaining field trips at their patch. During the week they have special rules for any professional photographers so do check out the website for those details. http://www.bracken-umc.org/pumpkin-patch.html


The Bracken Pumpkin Patch is currently open and will remain open until November 1st. Hours of operation are 9 am to sundown everyday. Rides however will not be in operation as of November 1.



There will also be a Fall Festival taking place at the pumpkin patch on Saturday, October 29, 2016 from 4 pm-6:30 pm with music, games, and light refreshments all for free, including entry!


Let me know what activities you like to do with your kids during this Gorgeous time of year!

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