The Whys and Hows of Brows

I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos with the “How I did my makeup in high school” challenge, I find it so hilarious because as a late 90’s, early 2000’s kid I can relate to some of the scariness that was some of the makeup trends. One trend that was not happening back then was brows! I don’t think eyebrows really become a thing till about 2007…and for me not until like 2016…scary I know! I mean in the 90’s a lot of overdrawn eyebrows were present but I think brows were just kind of ignored when it came to making up the face. On behalf of myself and YouTubers everywhere, boy am I glad things have changed! People who aren’t obsessed with makeup like I am may question “why is this so important?” It’s just another thing to add to my makeup routine! Well, let me blow your mind.


Eyebrows frame your face; they make everything else centered and therefore make you look put together! Pencil thin brows used to be very much “in style” as were the Brooke Shields’ thick brows (by the way, they’re suddenly back in!). Whatever your preference, eyebrows can get sparse in places; they don’t always hold the correct shape for your face and may need a more defined look. Filling in your brows can dramatically alter your appearance and I promise I’m not exaggerating! Great brows can lift your face and make you appear younger. Don’t have time for a full face? You can just slap on some concealer and some brows to hide your lack of sleep and make yourself look younger! 


Here are some tips on your brows: 

  • Too short can make your face look fuller
  • Too harsh or arched can make you appear mad
  • When first doing your brows make sure to tweeze away any of the strays! Then use a spoolie to comb your eyebrow hairs into the formation you desire. I brush up, to the side and then down to get them the way I want.
    • Take a pencil and line it up with the crease of your nose and that is where the start of your inner part of your brow should begin.
    • Take that same pencil at an angle and right above the pupil of your eye is where your eyebrow should peak. Mark that point.
    • Again angle the pencil with one end at the tip of your nose and the other is where the tail of your brow should end. 
    • Another tip is to highlight the arch of your brow, some people do this after but doing it before can be very handy in getting the shape you like. You can of course buy a specific highlight for brows or use a touch lighter concealer right beneath the brow, either way blend it into your brow. You may even use a light eyeshadow, which can really highlight your face! After this you line the under part of your brow by moving the product into the center of your brow and then line the outer top. Use a light hand when filling in the inner parts of the eyebrow and get heavier as you make your way to the tail. To correct any flaws make sure you use concealer to clean up again. Be sure to blend the concealer down towards your eye to make it look natural. You can also use this brush with any remaining concealer to top the outer part of your brow and comb it in with the spoolie from earlier. This will form a lighter transition from the outside to the remaining part of your brow; therefore more natural. Key word here is natural!
    • You can set your brows further with a clear brow gel or even a colored one in the shade of your choosing. 



Notice the difference between the left completed brow and the right, although she has pretty good thickness to her brow, it is very sparse in areas, and needs more pigmentation. She used the Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow in brown paired with a brow gel.

Suffer from fading brows? Use a primer or concealer on your brows so they stay in place all day! Use brow gel; there are even some great pomade’s that are waterproof!


These brows are very thin, have some sparse areas, and need shaping to frame her face better
Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow pomade was also used here, in “soft brow,” she then ran a spooly through them to break up the pomade which separated the hairs to add texture to them giving them the more “natural” appearance and then they were set with the ABH clear brow gel.

There are tons of good brow pencil products out there. You just need to discover what works best for your style and abilities! But it is all fairly easy to learn. A widely raved about brow company is ‘Anastasia Beverly Hills’ they have great products from pomades (DipBrow), to a brow wiz, to a brow definer. A newer rave of the brow world is the Benefit Brow Collection, I’m currently loving the Goof Proof Brow Pencil! I plan on doing a full review for y’all within the next couple weeks so be sure to subscribe for updates. Until then, go ahead and start with any type of brow pencil and do your brows to complete your face and get the ultimate look! I’d love to hear about your favorite products, let me know in the comments! Until then, stay or Gorgeous.

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