Jewelry shopping without the hassle…

If you’re anything like me you love adding a little something to your outfit to add a sparkle, like a piece of jewelry. But like me, you may not have the time to go and buy new pieces! I love jewelry, I find it fun and it can definitely dress up even the drabbest outfit, but when it comes to finding pieces I’ll stand for minutes in front of a jewelry stand, whether it be at Nordstrom or Target and I can’t cancel out the screams of my children enough to focus on what piece would look best on me or bother trying to mentally pair the jewelry with outfits so I end up walking away. Even ordering online is an ordeal because you can’t really tell if something is too big or long enough on you, so you buy these pieces that end up being an utter fail which gets you more discouraged so you give up on completing your look. In this case, as in many mommy cases, the struggle is very much real. Well Mamas, I have found our solution! Rocksbox! It is so simple, it takes three simple steps (any other toddler moms out there have the Oso song in their head now?):


Step 1: Go onto and create a style profile. They have stylists who will use your profile to fit jewelry pieces to your personal style and will find your perfect matches!


Step 2: You will receive 3 pieces of jewelry right to your door or your mailbox! The idea is that you keep these pieces for as long as you enjoy wearing them. The pieces are on loan but if you find it to hard to part with a piece you can actually buy it at a discounted price through Rocksbox!


Step 3: Ready to swap? Send the pieces back through the mail and you will get a new box of 3 pieces of jewelry! And the shipping envelope is pre-paid!


Rocksbox is $19 a month but you can grab a free month by using this code I found online from my


Code: mysubaddictxoxo.


Now that you have the details! I’ll show you some of the pieces! The pieces vary but are always nice and are sometimes from well-known companies like Kendra Scott. These are from my first month’s box:



Once you receive your pieces, spend some time deciding if they suit you and then go on to the website and give your feedback about each piece so your stylist can make sure you always receive the perfect jewelry for you.


Remember that you can wear these pieces as much or as little as you want, once you’re done with a piece send it back in the prepaid envelope and once it is shows up on Rocksbox tracking you will have a new box in the mail to you.


Did something you purchased break? Rocksbox gives you 180 days after your purchase to return for a replacement.


Have enough pieces? If you feel your collection is complete for the time being you can cancel your membership online and return any unwanted pieces. Whatever pieces you do not return you must purchase at the member discount price before canceling your membership or you will continue being charged the monthly $19.


Did I mention that you can give this as a gift? With the holidays quickly approaching, start thinking about that bling lover in your life! Give a 3 month membership and a $10 gift card for just $49! Are you a big spender? Give a full year membership plus a $50 gift card for $149! I hope I’m on your shopping list!


All in all I feel like this is an amazing and convenient idea! Getting the chance to wear and try the jewelry for as long as you want and then return it and get new stuff is like a constant revamp of your jewelry stand! I also love the fact you can buy any piece at a discount with your membership! This will save so much time, frustration, and tears (from me and the kids). I definitely recommend giving this a go; anything to avoid shopping with two cranky children is a win for me!














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