The perfect lipstick for us busy moms! 

I fell in love this past week! With a new liquid lipstick that is. I have a new obsession with liquid lipsticks, I of course have and use regular wear lipsticks a lot, but I love a long lasting lipstick. It just feels so good to put something on in the morning and not have to worry about it throughout the day. I want to avoid extra applications as much as possible, this is important to all women I’m sure, but especially to us mothers who have approximately 30 minutes a day to ourselves. During that time I like to apply makeup once, and enjoy coffee, without being bummed that I just ruined my lip application. I am always on the search for the perfect formula and longest lasting lip. I have tried a great deal of them by now, being surprisingly unimpressed by many, including widely raved about Anastasia of Beverly Hills. Talk about flakey and fine lines! Kylie liquid lips actually surprised me and has been a staple of mine for the last few months. I do plan on doing a liquid lipstick post with the most popular to date but that’s for a later time. Today is all about my new-found love, Smashbox always on liquid lipstick. I enjoy smash box products but didn’t expect them to change the game of the liquid lip like this!


When I went to Ulta I stalked the display and noticed there were only 3 shades in stock out of the 20 shades created. As I sit here typing this I have major FOMO (fear of missing out), as I think about not grabbing all three! I grabbed one in “stepping out” because I wasn’t expecting to love the formula this much and didn’t want to waste my money. I will be going back and fixing this dilemma immediately! Fingered crossed the secret of this product isn’t out to all of my city yet. (Greedy I know lol)


So here are the deats!
I put this on at 9am and it wore like a dream till about 4 pm. That’s 7 full hours of wear time where I ate, drank, breathed, and gave kisses to my children, I did not need one touch up. At 3pm I did notice some fading in the center of my lips, which is very common in all lipsticks. I decided to wear it till it was gone to get the full effect. I had this on till 9pm! It had faded since my 3pm check in but the outer application was still there.
I would definitely recommend applying a lip liner on the entirety of your lips before applying the liquid lipstick itself to improve the wear time!
Let’s talk about the wand! When I first saw it I was worried I wouldn’t like it, it’s different and bent at an angle. I ended up really enjoying this wand. It made application that much more easy and for a smooth product application.

The formula is awesome too. It goes on smooth and does NOT dry out your lips like some other liquid lipsticks. It wasn’t sticky or tacky either. These lipsticks dry matte so that was another huge plus for me. Whenever the color did end up fading it didn’t crumble like most liquids, it just faded. Don’t worry you wont have that dreaded feather look!
The color I did manage to snag, “stepping out”, is a very pretty and deep “nude” that translates into fall very well without being too dark for those that like to live on the safer side. As I said there are 20 shades available if you are able to get your hands on some! I did check out the smash box site and they have most in stock right now. had large amount in stock as well!

Product price is $24.00 which is on the steeper side but when you aren’t needing to apply the product as much you save on how much you use and how long it will last you, making it even out in the long run and is completely worth the price!


I cannot say it enough how much I love this product! I don’t always have the time to be reapplying my lipstick throughout the day and I often just forget. I love that I don’t have to worry about looking like a hot mess mom with crumbling, cracking, or drying my lips out liquid lip and can just look put together throughout the whole day.

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