Welcome, Gorgeous! Why I rebranded…


Welcome, Gorgeous! This change was a scary decision but the excitement of discovering my voice overpowered the scariness completely so here we are, Mommy Gorgeous is now live and I cannot wait to see what happens with it! I decided that since I was blossoming as a lifestyle blogger I should let my original brand blossom as well and re-brand to something more focused.  I received questions regarding my handle being my last name, O’Beirne, first off it’s really hard to pronounce and even harder to spell! I sat down to figure out what exactly my mission was with my blog I kept thinking I wanted something simple that explains what I wish to communicate with y’all. Life as OBeirne was simply that, MY life, I wanted everyone to be able to relate to my blog! My mission was clearer now, I wish for the empowerment of mothers everywhere so they have a place to feel understood. This is what formed Mommy Gorgeous. Being Mommy Gorgeous isn’t about what’s on the outside, it is about how you mother and how you feel about yourself. It is your worth, your self-identity. I remember being a new mom and feeling utterly horrible about myself. I was uncertain about how I was doing as a mother but also concerned about my body, the lack of time I spent on my appearance, and not being able to remember the last time I showered. In the midst of it all I had lost myself. I no longer felt like me, and wouldn’t for sometime. I had changed into something different, something more. I was now mommy. With the realization in tact that I was no longer “Ashley” but “Mommy” first and foremost I began to embrace this change and see it as a powerful gift.

When I had my second daughter I went through the same issues of feeling insecure. I felt a tad more confident in my ability to mother but I began neglecting myself. You see, I was so caught up in being Mommy that I let go of Ashley completely. I had to find a way to balance the two and regain my self-confidence. I began dabbling in make-up, fitness, and fashion more and I began to see myself reappearing. It wasn’t until 6 months after my youngest was born that I realized it wasn’t the make-up, clothes, or fitness that made me feel better about myself, it was that I was a confident human again, which led to being a confident mother. The confidence was brought back and I suddenly felt like I could mother even better. Even on days when I rock a bare face, a ratty t-shirt, and a pair of baby food stained sweats, I feel Gorgeous. Because when I look at my life, my life as Mommy, I see all the beauty there is in it. Everyday is not perfect, and it can be chaotic and messy but there is still beauty underneath it all. My kids didn’t take away my beauty; they made me even more Gorgeous! The confidence we all have inside because of our mothering is Mommy Gorgeous. It’s a lifestyle, a way of believing in yourself and in your ability to mother. I may not be supermom but in my daughters eyes I am.  Despite the dirty snot, diapers, and chaos surrounding my mommy life, I am GORGEOUS. So, whether you are hoping to get pregnant, 9 months pregnant, currently in labor, in current toddler chaos, or an empty nester, embrace your inner gorgeous, your Mommy Gorgeous.♥

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I'm a lifestyle blogger and mommy of two Gorgeous baby girls! I am currently in the process of re-branding! What was formerly lifeasobeirne.com has blossomed into mommygorgeous my wish is to encourage other mom's to know how gorgeous you in fact are! You don't need the make-up, fashion, or fitness to be gorgeous! I write about and review these topics for fun, and to help other moms save some time. Despite the dirty snot, diapers, and chaos surrounding your mommy life is GORGEOUS. So, whether you are hoping to get pregnant, 9 months pregnant, currently in labor, surrounded in current toddler chaos, or an empty nester, know that you're "Mommy Gorgeous" all the time.

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