Poppin’ Bottles…pt.3 of baby feeding struggles series

I wasn’t sure whether to post this or the previous blog post first, it was kind of “what came first the chicken or the egg scenario.” Don’t get me wrong I gave both equal opportunities but we ended up needing both to overcome our situation. We tried so many brands of bottles! I don’t even want to think about how much money we dropped on figuring out which bottle would work for our little ones. Before going through this I never even thought bottles did different things, I mean don’t they just get milk from here to babies stomach!? Apparently not always! Some bottles are actually super heroes in cylindrical shapes! Ok may be over dramatic but in the moment it felt so relieving to have my baby be able to eat in peace.

So let’s go back a little, we started with widely recommended “Tommie tippies”- these are supposed to work well because the nipple shape is just like that of the breast. With Audrey it didn’t work simply because she still had gas issues, but with Zoey she didn’t like the shape at all. Since trying these with Audrey I have seen that Tommie Tippie has come out with different lines of bottles, including a glass bottle option, which I view intimidating just knowing how clumsy I am and how often my daughter drops hers! I have also seen one specifically for colic issues with the inside “venting system” with a similar look to that of a Dr. Brown bottle. We have not tried these so I can not give an opinion on any but the “closer to nature” line.

13895410_10100109580977377_453966482537703337_nTommee Tippie Anti-colic
Medela- these were the first I used with Zoey (apparently I didn’t learn my lesson with Audrey) and she would drink them but the fussiness during and after feeding took place still. It is important to note that Medela’s large focus is on breast-feeding so their bottles were built to coincide with breastfeeding. They were made to “pump, store, and feed” all with one container. So more the convenience of the pumping mom on the go.

13920777_10100109580937457_5329547659070540161_nMedela Breastmilk Bottle Set, 8 Ounce

Playtex- these use a bag to hold the milk, the advantage it supposed to be that you can squeeze the air out of the bag so only milk remains thus leading to less gas issues. The concept is good but all the air wouldn’t escape and we still had major has issues with our babies. Playtex states that the drop in liner “collapses like the breast.”

These are the Playtex Nurser line, for drop in liners.

Playtex Nurser Bottles Nipple for Playtex bottle. “Breast like shape”
Playtex Ventaire- this is supposed to be similar to the dr Browns in the way they perform. I didn’t find much success in them however. They state that its design “keeps air at the bottom of the bottle when baby drinks”.

(I could not find the Playtex Ventaire bottles in my large collection, I honestly may have just thrown it away in frustration when going through the struggle!)Playtex Ventaire

Avent- these from our experience are just the plain Jane bottles. The Philips Avent bottles focus on the nipple, claiming it most natural latch to that of a breast. As I said previously my children were never great “latch-ers” so nipple shape similar to that of a breast typically just made feeding more difficult.

Again, I couldn’t find the Nipple/lid to this bottle. What can I say…Frustration has no foresight.
Avent Bottles

Dr.Brown- as stated on their product description “helps preserve vitamins (c, a &e) and has a vacuum free feeding like breastfeeding”


13903268_10100109581107117_6297157770571861512_nDr. Brown’s baby bottle 8-ounce

Now I am not scientist so I can’t provide a thorough explanation of why they work versus others but something to do with the venting system! So take my advice or leave it but here are my thoughts and findings….

They got rid of the fussiness during and after feedings!
I find them easy for babies to hold as well
I do find that they leak however, so I wouldn’t leave them on their side or unattended with baby for too long because you don’t want to have to clean up all that milk spillage.

13925141_10100109580987357_6835909689602292853_nDr. Browns Bottle’s Girls pack-Pink and Purple

Dr. Brown’s Bottles-Boy Pack-Blue/Clear

These bottles also take longer to clean because of all the extra pieces.


It’s really just weighing the good against the not so good with these bottles, I feel like it’s worth any slight negatives for the comfort of your babies feeding.

Dr. Brown’s baby is always coming up with new innovative designs for every type of feeder and parent.
I think it is important to understand that not every baby feeds the same or reacts the same to certain bottles. There are so many different brands and types because not one baby is the same. The options may seem overwhelming but having so many provides a good chance of a solution for you and your baby.

Like I said at the beginning I wasn’t sure if it was the chicken or the egg…I think the combination was just perfect for us. Whichever the case maybe I am grateful we found a solution and I am happy I have the knowledge to share this with others to possibly help their research go quicker and smoother. Because the important thing here is providing a happy, and healthy feeding experience for our little ones.


**Please note that I am an amazon affiliate. If you so choose to make a purchase using any of the link provided I do receive a small commision, at no extra cost to you! All opinions are my own and I stand by what I have experienced and written down for you to receive helpful tips with your own little ones 🙂 **

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