Good moms vs bad moms 

I went to see the widely raved about movie, Bad Moms, with my two best mom friends! It is a must see, a grown-up “Mean Girls”. It was incredibly funny and widely relatable. I have been, in just 2 short years each of those moms! A “crazy SAHM”, trapped by the daily grind of raising young kids and a household without thinking of myself, a “screw it and have fun” mom that cares beyond belief but knows the limit of what she can handle and knows when it’s time to cut loose. And the “over doing it perfect mom”, who try’s to give their children everything and do everything perfectly and still feel inferior as a mom. I have been these plus a thousand other characteristics.

While laughing my pants off at the theater I truly heard the message of the film, one that struck into my soul. “Bad moms” doesn’t mean that you’re deliberately trying to screw your kids up, or being an absentee parent. “Bad moms” is accepting that you are not perfect! Caring for your kids and loving them can still happen even if you’re not doting on them 24/7. It is teaching them to learn important aspects in life. Being there to guide them as opposed to just doing things for them. Doing the best you can without doing it “perfectly”. Giving yourself a break for not doing things how everyone else expects you to and doing what suits you best.

Sometimes I think we moms forget we are more than just moms. While it definitely is the most important thing we will do in life, there is a life outside of motherhood. We have to remember we are people, regular women, outside of our super mom costumes. Be sure to keep in touch with that lady as you raise your children because she will keep you sane in the long run. She deserves attention as much as the mommy you does. It is often when we have time with ourselves that we can actually see how amazing our children are and that we in fact aren’t screwing everything up and will help limit our floods of tears to perhaps just once a day.

So yes we try our best, yes we mess up, mistakes are apart of life, but accepting your “bad mom”-ness allows you to know what a truly great mom you actually are.

trying to take a cover photo

this is typical. hair and all.

photo shoots with littles are a bust

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