Mommy work-out secrets; Finding the time

I have always hated working out! I didn’t like getting sweaty, running, lifting heavy things, and I always used the excuse “no time”. I had joined gyms, had a personal trainer, had a treadmill and a bike, nothing ever stuck longer than a couple of weeks. After two kids I decided I wanted to be happy in my body, I wanted to not constantly judge myself for what I see in the mirror but more importantly show my children that exercise is important for your health. Finally at 29 1/2 I committed myself to a workout routine and have been doing it for nearly 2 months now 4-5 days a week!

As many people, I am addicted to YouTube, one of my favorite Youtubber’s are the Sacconne-Jolys! Their daily vlogs with their adorable kids are entertaining and make me smile daily! The Sacconne in the Sacconne-Jolys is Anna, she is an amazing wife, mother, and just human being!(Definitely check her out! I’ll link her below!) On Anna’s personal channel she started doing a “summer workout routine” 4-week video with her own personal trainer, Lucy-Wyndham-Read! This is where it all started for me, I figured if Anna could do it, with two kids running around, 3 with Jonathan (LOL I love him, so yes I am just kidding!) 6 dogs, and a successful YouTube channel, then my “I have no time” excuse wouldn’t hold up!

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 11.46.31 PM
Anna Saccone Youtube Channel

I began my first week tuning into Anna’s channel and doing her week 1 workout. It was so difficult! I hadn’t worked out in nearly two years and even then it was not hard workouts and not result worthy, so in actuality I would say I hadn’t worked out in four years, before that…never! Once I got past the first week(Monday-Friday) I felt like I could keep doing it and felt amazing about myself for completing week 1! ( a Small victory but remember where I came from!) I went into the next week doing Anna and Lucy’s week two routine. That Tuesday I felt ill(female problems) and very discouraged. The kids were both in a mood and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to squeeze in a full 30 minute workout(yes, 30 minutes is a long time in mommy-land)!  I went to Lucy’s personal YouTube channel and I saw she had a bunch of 4 minute workout videos! I did one 4-minute HIIT workout and still felt I had a great workout! From then on I went and personalized my workouts to what I really wanted to tone on my body. For me those were my arms and booty( I have always hated those two parts of my body more than anything else!) I absolutely love that she has quick toning videos for specific parts of your body but also all over workouts! Trust me even one of her 4-5 minute body toning workouts get you sweating and feeling good.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 11.47.18 PM
Lucy Wyndham-Read Youtube Channel

As the next week hit I started doing thighs and abs as well as my arms and butt. I swear everyday I feel stronger and like I can do more intense workouts. The brilliance of it is that it’s all online for free and you can do it in any spare time you have as well as doing a particular routine over again if you don’t feel like it worked you out enough! Lucy makes it so easy to follow, and she does moves that cover several different muscles at once, plus they aren’t always your typical routines and that keeps it interesting to me as well as my body, so I always feel a burn.
The amount of energy I find I have is so great! It lets me cut back on the coffee a bit and enjoy my kids more because I have more energy to play with them. I sometimes do my workouts while the kids play before nap time and Audrey has started “working out” with me (mostly she lies on the floor and lifts her legs and swings them around with the occasional run in place!) she has become my little cheerleader on occasion. Last week I was working out and she was sitting there watching saying “Go! Go! Go mommy, you can do it!” It was the cutest thing!
I believe the reasons working out never quite stuck for me was a combination of things. I am not a gym person, I find it intimidating being around all those fitness gurus. Even having a real life personal trainer didn’t stick because it was in the gym and I didn’t feel capable of a lot of moves and my personal anxiety overruled my desire to workout. Cardio was also never a fun activity, with these toning workouts I feel and see results happening, and I do walk a mile once a week or ride my stationary bike before and/or after a workout with time permitting. What I have learned is that cardio is important in the fact it will burn calories but sometimes it burns away muscle if that is all you’re doing. Adding those toning sessions to your cardio routine will help burn calories while toning those problem areas. The great thing is that Lucy doesn’t use weights but uses her own resistance to tone, so you don’t have the excuse that you have no workout equipment, you’re your own workout equipment! The biggest issue is time for me, I just don’t have enough of it to make my way to the gym, workout, make my way back. I needed something that was mama-time friendly, which these are, do as few are as many as you like for whatever works for your schedule!

30 Ways to(1)

I am not one to weigh myself so I have no idea if I’ve lost any weight but I can see my arms and butt getting toner and my stomach slimming down. I have taken before pictures and will take more each week till month 3, when I will post my update on here! I would definitely recommend checking out Lucy’s YouTube channel and giving it a go if you are a fellow mama trying to get some great results with fast routines that leave you feeling it the next day! Even if you are not a mom and still short on time, you will definitely appreciate her workouts! Stay tuned for some result pictures coming in August! Until then go to Lucy’s website ( ) or her social media sites (@LucyWyndhamRead) for result pictures of others who have joined #lucyssquad. She even has e-books available on her website, and she has eating advice and recipes on her Youtube channel. Happy workout fellow Mama’s!

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