Kylie lip kits: yay or nay?!

 Ok so I know I’m late to the game, at least late to having an opinion. I got my first Kylie Lip kit over a month ago but never got around to doing a review on it, but I know it is still so popular and people want to know what’s up, and I thought why not introduce my “life in beauty” section with this review of one of the new most talked about products! I hear that the formulas for each color is a tad different so I’ll let you know about the one I’ve been testing out. Kylie’s lip kit in KOKO K! This is undoubtably one of the most popular so when I scored this product on a last minute tweet about restock I was over joyed! I swear part of the hype is the rush you get out of getting a highly sought product when you know it’s limited quantities and often sells out in an hour! KOKO K is pale pink nude. And I am absolutely digging the color!

The Packaging of the products is awesome. Even the boxing it comes in. I love that the liner and lipstick are sold as a kit, because I feel you get a good value for the price ($29). And the box it comes in can easily be used to throw in your hand bag for on the go.

I do wish they would sell the kits separately as well because as I have been using the product I gone through the lip liner a lot quicker than the liquid lipstick itself! Because the lip liner is so creamy and goes on so smoothly I find that I have to sharpen it more often. I would say I am almost halfway through with the liner and have a nearly full container of lipstick.


That is another thing to mention, the lipstick simply needs a quick swipe and you’re good, which in turn means you’re using less product so it should last you a decent amount of time! Don’t over coat your lips because it will crumble! If you do this correctly your lipstick should last a good 4 to 5 hours with maybe only some touch up needed to the center of your lips. And this includes drinking (with a straw of course!) and eating (as long as its not super oily obviously!)

 I do find the formula, as with most liquid lipsticks, to be a tad drying. I definitely don’t think it is as bad as some other brands of liquids out there that I have tried. And I have found that if you do a quick scrub of your lips before hand to remove any excess skin off, it helps a lot. You can also moisturize your lips to prepare them, as well as using the lip liner to completely line your lips will help with the dryness and keeps the lipstick on longer. I love that it is not tacky once it dries on your lips! I could move my mouth and smack my lips and it felt like I was wearing nothing!
I know I suffer from lots of lines on my lips, that is just how they are, so liquid lipsticks often pull those lines forward and full frontal and I am not a fan of that! So, I was prepared to need a gloss of some sort with Kylie’s lipstick as well. I simply pair my KOKO K with Buxom’s White Russian, although i’m sure you can try Kylie’s glosses as well and they might be perfect (let me know!) I apply it lightly and don’t dab after. It is perfect to help the drying look and increases wear time!



Now, I’ve seen a lot of reviewers, especially in the Youtube community, offering up dupes. I have done my own research as well and agree that there are quite a few dupes out there, color wise! However, the product itself, there are not too many that stand as well next to Kylie. Basically, if you’re looking for a dupe, because of price, but still want the same wear-ability, you are going to have a difficult time. They are there, but mostly at the same price point, if not higher. You get what you pay for in these for sure! Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and pay out!

All in all I love my Kylie lip kit and can’t wait to try more out, especially the metals! I would highly recommend these liner and lipsticks and would definitely say they equal up to other high-end liquid lipsticks.

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