Husband FTW

As much as I complain or nag to him, or about him, the boy sure does have some nice qualities as well! My husband is amazing, like I have said before, I often don’t appreciate him enough, like most tired, busy, new mommies. Today I collected a whole new list of reasons to add to my list of reasons I love my husband! He is not one to express much emotion and often doesn’t state sweet romantic whispers into my ear but every so often that dear man knows how to give me butterflies. Today, out of nowhere I receive a much needed text(one of those fussy baby days), he simply says that I am the love of his life😍 I mean I know this in my heart but to have the man you love go out of his way during his busy work day to let me know it is just the best thing! He also managed to give the baby a bath, get her to sleep, and washed bottles for me!! And is now on his way up right now to be with the wife. Sometimes I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I adore this man and am grateful for him making my day grander.
Don’t get me wrong…I’m sure I’ll be complaining about something before we go to bed.
Women…. Lol.

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I'm a lifestyle blogger and mommy of two Gorgeous baby girls! I am currently in the process of re-branding! What was formerly has blossomed into mommygorgeous my wish is to encourage other mom's to know how gorgeous you in fact are! You don't need the make-up, fashion, or fitness to be gorgeous! I write about and review these topics for fun, and to help other moms save some time. Despite the dirty snot, diapers, and chaos surrounding your mommy life is GORGEOUS. So, whether you are hoping to get pregnant, 9 months pregnant, currently in labor, surrounded in current toddler chaos, or an empty nester, know that you're "Mommy Gorgeous" all the time.

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