Dear Sleep….

I am starting a series called ‘Dear….Friday ‘ in which will be a humor Blog in letter form from me to Baby, to hubby, or even from Baby to me, etc. I will also have Friday Funnies so I can switch between the two. My hope is just to lighten up everyone’s week while we slide into the weekend! I will interchange ‘Dear…Friday’ and ‘Friday funnies’ weekly but this week I will post both because I am feeling pretty BA 😉

Dear Sleep,

I know we’ve been together for years… and I enjoyed every encounter we had, but it is time I say Good-bye. Please stop trying to win me back with your promises of long uninterrupted sleeps and warm dream filled naps, you’re just making it more difficult! I know these promises don’t hold much value because I’ve met someone new…someone who says they can give me everything you cant! They can provide me with gifts, like all the bags I could ever want…under my eyes. A mouth full of yawns, and knowledge…of what is on television at 3AM. They’ve even taught me new ways of thinking, in which they inform me, is called mommy brain. Don’t get me wrong, I will think about you every day and maybe we can even sneak off and have a date, if my other friends, Shower, and eating, don’t demand my attention more. You see, this new someone is a 3 month old and there is nothing you can do to come between her and me. She has made sure of this by checking up on me every hour, even in the middle of the night…that used to be our best time! She even makes me take her to eat at all hours! I’ll miss you most when it’s raining outside, and even more when I sit on your best friend, Bed, as he taunts me with his warmth during a cold night. You’ve tried and failed; she is stronger than the both of us and demands most of my time. Maybe one day we can reunite and form new memories filled with pillows, blankets, and lots of snoring! Until we meet again old friend.

Love Always,

Sleep Deprived Mommy

Glad someone gets some sleep around here...
Glad someone gets some sleep around here…

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I'm a lifestyle blogger and mommy of two Gorgeous baby girls! I am currently in the process of re-branding! What was formerly has blossomed into mommygorgeous my wish is to encourage other mom's to know how gorgeous you in fact are! You don't need the make-up, fashion, or fitness to be gorgeous! I write about and review these topics for fun, and to help other moms save some time. Despite the dirty snot, diapers, and chaos surrounding your mommy life is GORGEOUS. So, whether you are hoping to get pregnant, 9 months pregnant, currently in labor, surrounded in current toddler chaos, or an empty nester, know that you're "Mommy Gorgeous" all the time.

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